Do you know people, many people, are watching every word you search and every website you see?  You like to think your searches are anonymous.  But these people aren’t amateurs. Last year they made $36 billion  tracking your behavior and selling your online identity to businesses, politicians, governments, and others.  Unfortunately, without search engines and websites the Internet wouldn’t be very useful.  The reality is you’re going to continue to use the Internet and people are going to track all searching and browsing coming from your computer.  The only solution is to overwhelm the bad guys with deceptive, misleading, and useless information.  Introducing Privacy Hose, a downloadable program you install on your computer that masks your online behavior.  Without changing your Internet experience, Privacy Hose overwhelms and confuses all prying eyes, including Internet scolds and the faceless mob.  Install Privacy Hose in seconds to browse and search carefree.


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