How It Works


How It Works


Privacy Hose works by overwhelming search engines and advertisers with deceptive, misleading, and useless information.

After you install Privacy Hose on your Windows computer and the program starts, you are only three simple steps away from masking your online behavior.


1. First, sign in with your email address and the product key you received via email.  This verifies your subscription and allows Privacy Hose to download a dynamic list of websites and search terms to mask your online behavior.  It also allows Privacy Hose to routinely update the list so Privacy Hose can stay current and respond to changes in the tactics search engines, advertisers, and miscellaneous bad guys use to track and analyze.


2. Once you have signed in, the next step is to select your noise level.  The term noise here is nothing you can hear.  Noise is a concept in information theory that refers to random, unpredictable, and undesirable signals, or changes in signals, that mask the desired information content.  The default value will be perfect for most users.  If you spend every waking moment on the Internet, then move the slider to the right to increase the amount of noise Privacy Hose will generate.  If you only use the Internet once or twice a day you can move the slider to the left to reduce the amount of noise generated.


3. After you have selected your noise level, press the Apply My Settings button.


That’s it.  You’ll never have to think about Privacy Hose or interact with it again.  It sits silently in the background, using idle time on your computer, protecting your searches and browsing from discovery and review by strangers on the Internet.


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